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The Tot Lot Difference


At The Tot Lot in Hazlet, NJ, we're not just a daycare and preschool; we're a nurturing community dedicated to fostering the growth and development of every child in our care. What sets us apart? It's "The Tot Lot Difference" — a unique blend of values, expertise, and commitment that make us your ideal partner in your child's early years.

Extensive Experience

Our team of educators is the heartbeat of The Tot Lot. Passionate, dedicated, and extensively trained, our teachers bring a wealth of experience to the classroom. We understand that the early years are crucial for cognitive and emotional development, and our educators are not just instructors; they are mentors, guides, and nurturers, ensuring your child receives the best care and education.

Child care and teaching staff at The Tot Lot

Safety First, Always

Your child's safety is our top priority. We maintain rigorous safety protocols and standards to ensure a secure environment at all times. From secure entry points to routine safety checks and well-maintained facilities, we go above and beyond to create a space where children feel safe to explore, learn, and grow. Additionally, each staff member is CPR and First Aid certified, ready to respond swiftly and adeptly in any situation.

CPR and First Aid Certified Staff at The Tot Lot, Daycare and Preschool Center

Flexible Care Solutions: Full-Time and Part-Time Options

At The Tot Lot, our commitment to your family's unique needs is reflected in our provision of both full-time and part-time enrollment options. Whether you require comprehensive full-time care or a more flexible schedule, The Tot Lot ensures that your child receives quality education and nurturing support tailored to your family's lifestyle.

Preschool Classroom at The Tot Lot in Hazlet NJ

Seamless Parent-Teacher Connectivity with Brightwheel

At The Tot Lot, we redefine the childcare experience through our exclusive use of Brightwheel, which includes a user-friendly app designed to keep parents intimately connected with their child's day. Families of The Tot Lot can receive live updates on diaper changes, potty times, bottles/feedings, daily lesson plans, and more.The convenient messaging feature ensures continuous, transparent communication with your child's dedicated teacher as well as the ability to receive photos throughout your child’s day. Stay informed, engaged, and be an active part of your child's educational journey with The Tot Lot's commitment to technological innovation.

Parent-Teacher Connectivity

Engaging Learning Spaces

Our classrooms are vibrant, welcoming spaces designed to inspire creativity and exploration. Each learning area is thoughtfully arranged to cater to the specific needs and interests of different age groups. From cozy reading corners to interactive play zones, every space is crafted to encourage discovery, imagination, and a sense of wonder.

Pre-K Classroom.JPG

Outdoor Play Areas and Facilities

Our state-of-the-art facilities are thoughtfully designed to stimulate cognitive, emotional, and physical development. From bright and spacious classrooms to age-appropriate play areas, both indoor and outdoor, every corner of The Tot Lot is crafted with your child's well-being in mind.

Outdoor Play Area at Daycare Center in Hazlet

Multi-Child Discounts

Embrace The Tot Lot Difference with our commitment to making quality childcare accessible for every family. Families with two or more children enrolled full-time at The Tot Lot can enjoy an exclusive 10% discount, applied to the lowest weekly tuition.

Multi-Child Discount Daycare in Hazet
Full-Time and Part-Time Daycare
Extensive Experience
Engaging Learning Spaces

Join The Tot Lot Family

Discover "The Tot Lot Difference" and give your child the gift of a nurturing, inspiring, and joyful early education experience. Fill out our inquiry form or give us a call at 732-820-6694 to schedule a visit and see firsthand how we're redefining childcare and preschool in Hazlet, NJ.

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