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Programs & Curriculum: Fostering Growth and Learning at The Tot Lot, Hazlet, NJ


At The Tot Lot, we offer 6 programs for children beginning as young as 6 weeks old. Each program follows a specific curriculum and has a carefully designed daily schedule and activities tailored to each age group, ensuring a well-rounded, engaging, and educational experience for your child.

  • Infant: ages 6 weeks to 11 months

  • Step Up: 12 months to 17 months

  • Toddler: 18 months to 2 and a half 

  • Jr. Preschool: 2 and a half to 3 year olds 

  • Preschool: ages 3 to 4

  • Pre-K: ages 4 to 5 

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The Experience Curriculum: Nurturing Every Stage of Growth


At The Tot Lot, we are committed to providing a comprehensive and enriching learning experience for every child in our care. Central to this commitment is our adoption of the esteemed Experience Curriculum, a framework that aligns seamlessly with New Jersey learning standards and is designed to be both dynamic and developmentally appropriate. We believe in nurturing and celebrating each child's individual journey, creating a foundation for a lifetime of learning.


Tailored Daily Schedules & Activities

At The Tot Lot, each program's daily schedule is meticulously crafted to meet the developmental needs of your child. While the specific activities vary based on age group, below is a glimpse of the engaging and educational experiences your child may encounter during their time with us.

Free-Choice Activities:

During Free-Choice time, children have the opportunity to explore their creativity and independence through child-initiated activities. Our teachers actively participate, fostering a learning environment where children can ask questions, engage in pretend play, and develop valuable social and cognitive skills.

Outdoor Play:

Outdoor play is a key component of our daily schedule. Children have the chance to run, jump, climb, and engage in activities that promote physical development and social interaction. We embrace outdoor play year-round, ensuring children experience the benefits of both structured and child-directed activities.

Nap/Rest Time:

In compliance with the Department of Children and Families regulations, we provide a regularly scheduled nap or resting time. Children are encouraged to rest quietly, and alternative quiet activities are offered for those who may not sleep. We understand that each child's rest needs vary, and our approach is flexible to accommodate individual requirements.


Television Usage:

We prioritize age-appropriate and educational use of television, computers, and video equipment, limiting screen time to one hour a day for children over the age of two. Special movies are broken down into half-hour sessions. Children under the age of two are not permitted to use such devices.



The Tot Lot provides AM and PM snacks, and lunches are brought in from home. We are a peanut-free school, and parents are encouraged to inform us of any food allergies through a Food Allergy Action Plan form. Our commitment to your child's safety includes having this information readily available in classrooms and food preparation areas.


Field Trips:

Our programs offer a variety of experiences, both on and off-site. For field trips requiring transportation, parents are notified at least two weeks in advance, and a "Field Trip Permission Form" is required. Additionally, short, unannounced field trips, such as walks around the building, visits to local playgrounds, or nearby businesses, may occur with parental consent.

Daily Schedule

Embark on a Journey of Discovery with The Tot Lot's Programs

Click the buttons below to explore the specifics of each program at The Tot Lot, and take a moment to delve into the comprehensive details of all our offerings. Discover the personalized approach we take to support your child's unique and enriching educational journey.

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