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Pre-K at The Tot Lot: Your Child's Gateway to Learning Adventures!

Embark on a transformative educational journey with The Tot Lot's Pre-K/Pre-Kindergarten program in Hazlet, NJ, specially designed for the dynamic ages of 4-5. With a dedicated focus on 'Kindergarten Readiness,' we ensure that every child completing our Pre-K program possesses the essential tools for a smooth transition to the next academic level. Our interactive environment includes individual desks, promoting independence and laying the foundation for success in kindergarten.

Elevate Your Child's Learning Experience with Our Distinctive Curriculum for Comprehensive Child Development

friends playing dress up at preschool in hazlet

Step into a realm of educational innovation with The Experience Preschool Curriculum, a research-backed program meticulously crafted to foster holistic development. Immerse your child in this nationally recognized journey where they will:


Foster Friendship Skills:

Cultivate essential social skills and master the art of expressing emotions, laying the groundwork for meaningful connections and emotional intelligence.


Explore Enriched Learning Tools:

Dive into a diverse array of specialized resources, from books and science tools to art materials, games, and math manipulatives. Encourage problem-solving abilities and stimulate creative thinking with a wealth of interactive tools.


Nurture Cognitive Growth:

Engage in daily routines and activities strategically designed to support brain development. Build self-regulation and attention span, essential attributes for long-term success in school.


Tailored Learning Experiences:

Witness the curriculum evolve in tandem with your child's growth. Experience an educational approach that adapts, increasing challenges and personalizing experiences to ensure continuous learning at their unique pace.


Teacher-Guided Progress:

Our educators employ an embedded assessment tool to meticulously track your child's progress. Benefit from individualized attention, guaranteeing that your child receives the support necessary for optimal growth and development.


Discover the difference with The Experience Preschool Curriculum – where innovation meets education, and every child's journey is a uniquely tailored adventure.

Ready to Elevate Your Child's Early Learning Experience? Enroll Now in The Tot Lot's Pre-K Program in Hazlet, NJ!

Join us at The Tot Lot, where the journey to kindergarten readiness is a joyous adventure filled with discovery, independence, and self-expression. Call us at 732-820-6694 to enroll your child today and watch them thrive!

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