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Daycare for Infants in Hazlet, NJ

At The Tot Lot, we embark on a heartwarming journey with your littlest ones. Our Daycare for Infants, designed for children aged 6 weeks to 11 months, is a nurturing haven where each child's unique needs are met with care and attention. In our infant program, we proudly introduce The Experience Baby Curriculum—a comprehensive approach that weaves music, engaging projects, tummy time, and more into the fabric of daily activities.

Daycare for Infants in Hazlet

Curriculum Overview: Nurturing Development in Our Infant Daycare Program


The Experience Baby Curriculum stands at the forefront of our Infant Daycare Program. Rooted in relationship-based play and discovery, this curriculum is meticulously designed to cultivate your child's holistic development from their earliest days. As your child participates in this program, they will:

  • Build emotional connections that are key for developmental growth

  • Have access to specialized sensory tools and toys that invite them to explore and make sense of their environment

  • Engage in playful activities that stimulate their brain and support development of 35 foundational skills


As your child grows and progresses, the Experience Baby Curriculum adapts. This tailored approach enables our teachers to customize the learning experience, ensuring that challenges are appropriately increased as your child grows. By personalizing the curriculum, we ensure that your child is continuously engaged and learning at their unique pace.

Daily Routines and Engaging Activities: Exploring Our Infant Daycare Schedule

At The Tot Lot, each day in our Infant Daycare Program is a carefully orchestrated blend of care, learning, and play. Our daily schedules are designed to provide a nurturing routine, ensuring that your little one thrives in a secure and engaging environment. From stimulating activities to cozy nap times, every moment is thoughtfully curated to foster growth and exploration. Let's take a closer look at some of the enriching activities that fill their days with joy and learning.


In accordance with the regulations set by the state of New Jersey, we diligently adhere to each family's individualized feeding plan for their infants until they reach the age of 12 months.


Nap/Rest Time

Adhering to the guidelines set forth by the Department of Children and Families, we ensure a structured and consistent nap or rest time as an integral part of our daily routine. Additionally, each baby in our program has their own designated crib. 



During our dedicated playtime sessions where babies engage in exploration, interaction, and discovery. Providing a variety of age-appropriate toys, we encourage sensory stimulation and motor skill development. Notably, our playtime activities incorporate essential tummy time, fostering strength in neck and upper body muscles. Beyond the joyous moments, these playtime experiences contribute to your baby's cognitive, social, and physical development, creating a foundation for a lifetime of learning and exploration.


Arts & Crafts

Our daily schedule is thoughtfully enriched with engaging arts and crafts activities that involve your baby's hands and feet. Through these delightful experiences, your little one not only creates adorable keepsakes but also engages in sensory exploration, fine motor skill development, and self-expression.

Enroll Today: Begin the Journey at The Tot Lot - Infant Daycare in Hazlet, NJ

Call us at 732-820-6694 or fill out our inquiry form to help lay the groundwork for a future for your child filled with exploration, confidence, and a love for learning.

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