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Welcome To The Tot Lot Blog!

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Dear Tot Lot Families and Friends,

We are delighted to welcome you to The Tot Lot's brand new blog—a virtual space where we can share stories, insights, and exciting updates from our vibrant daycare and preschool center nestled in the heart of Hazlet, New Jersey. Whether you're a parent, caregiver, or a curious reader interested in early childhood education, this blog is crafted with you in mind.

Embarking on a Journey of Growth

At The Tot Lot, we believe in the boundless potential of every child. Our blog aims to provide you with a glimpse into the enriching experiences, educational adventures, and heartwarming moments that unfold within our center each day. It's not just a daycare and preschool center; it's a community where little minds embark on a journey of growth, curiosity, and joy.

Discover the Tot Lot Difference:

In these digital pages, you'll discover the essence of The Tot Lot Difference—the unique approach we take in fostering a love for learning, embracing individuality, and creating a safe haven where children can explore, play, and develop at their own pace.

Meet Our Dedicated Team:

Get to know the faces behind The Tot Lot—the passionate educators and caregivers who pour their hearts into creating a nurturing environment for your little ones. We'll share stories about the individuals who make our center a place where every child feels seen, valued, and encouraged to shine.

Insights into Early Childhood Education:

Our blog will also serve as a platform for sharing insights into early childhood education trends, tips for parents, and information about the importance of various developmental milestones. We believe in fostering a strong connection between our Tot Lot families and the broader world of early learning.

Stay Tuned for Exciting Updates:

Expect regular updates on upcoming events, open houses, and activities happening at The Tot Lot. We want you to feel connected and involved in your child's journey with us, both inside and outside the classroom.

Thank you for joining us on this adventure. Whether you're a current Tot Lot family or just exploring the world of daycare and preschools, we invite you to bookmark this blog, engage with our posts, and be a part of our growing community.

Here's to nurturing little minds and creating a blog that reflects the warmth and excitement of The Tot Lot!

Warm regards,

Miss Ashley & Miss Emily

Director, Miss Emily & Owner/Founder, Miss Ashley in front of The Tot Lot in Hazlet, NJ

Emily Llauger, Director, The Tot Lot (left) & Ashley Severino, Owner/Founder, The Tot Lot (right)

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